Five special offers for The Law Society of NSW members

Dragon Legal Individual 15.3

Dragon Legal Australian enables you to create, edit and format file notes, contracts, briefs and more. For improved efficiency, reduced transcription time and costs, and faster document turnaround.

Normally $798
(Discount 10%)
Now $718

Dragon Home 15.0

Dragon Home is ideal for student and everyday multi-tasking. Perfect for home-use, you can dictate homework assignments, send email, chronicle your family history, surf the web and more - all by voice.

Normally $239
(Discount 10%)
Now $215

Dragon Legal Individual
Premium Jabra Evolve 30 II Stereo USB & Mobile Corded Headset bundle

Premium noise cancellation headset offering the highest recognition results with soft leatherette cushions for all day comfort and padded travel pouch to keep in protected when not in use 1 hour of installation, configuration and training is included with your purchase.

Normally $1,095
(Discount 30%)
Now $798

Available from
Dataworxs Systems Australia

Phone 1300 446 932


Dragon Legal Individual
Wireless SpeechMike Air Package

This Wireless Package includes Dragon Professional Individual Legal 15 voice recognition software (download). The Philips Speech Mike Air SMP4000 wireless handheld digital microphone, 1 hour of remote software training through TeamViewer and 12 months of helpdesk support delivered via email, phone, or TeamViewer.

Normally $1,654
(Discount 20%)
Now $1,319

Available from
Voice Recognition Australia

Phone 1300 255 900


Dragon Legal Individual
SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset
FREE AirBridge Adaptor

SpeechOne is the only headset designed specifically for dictation & speech recognition. The free AirBridge allows you to easily switch between computers. The perfect companion for working on the go.
VoiceX has a long history of supplying dictation solutions to the legal industry and government and professional sectors.

Normally $1,410
(Save $266)
Only $1,144

Available from
VoiceX Communications

Phone 1300 551 778

Dragon Legal - Australian Brief

Spend less time on documentation and more time serving clients. Designed with an all-new, next-generation speech engine leveraging Deep Learning technology, the all-new Dragon Legal Individual, v15 enables you to create, edit and format case files, contracts, briefs and more – all by voice – for improved efficiency, reduced transcription time and costs, and faster document turnaround.

Michael Kirby
Mark Robinson
Ashley Marsh